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Group F – Green Industries of The Future

This project gave students the opportunity to invent and create their own energy technology or "green" company. Students researched alternative energy and sustainable practices, then created an individual corporate identity and branding iconography. The finished logos and icons represent the moral, sustainable and progressive business practices of the future, while also revealing something about the students personal interests. The signs are made on panels, which were salvaged from the Re-Builders Source here in Hunts Point. The signs are installed onto J.C. store at the corner of Spofford Avenue and Coster Street in Hunts Point.

Students – Companies
Gabriel Beltran – It Happens Co. – Insurance for a greener future
Tori Graves-Parker – Courage Inc. – A pioneer in the storage of solar energy
Sarai Thomas – Stars Fashions – Ecologically minded clothing designs
Diamond Scott – Diamond Industries – For the conversion of trash into energy
Juan Marin – Arielax – Cars powered by water
La Shea Shipp – Shea Shea Incorporated – Converts polluted water into drinking water
Luis Alvarado– Broken Sk8 Inc. – A skateboard recycling center

Instructor – Joe Ferriso